Full credit for this 'walk through' goes to Sonja Butcher. 

Have a look at her facebook page for more amazing creations.

Dragonfly Mosaics

1. Choose your colours for the daisy and the centre glass dot. 

2. Cut diagonally across three of the corners (3 cuts). The uncut corner will be in the centre of the daisy giving the daisy a nice structure. Hint ... the deeper the cut, the smaller, rounder the petal.

3. Cut each of the corners (4 cuts) as shown in the photo. It’s vitreous glass so cutting may not be predictable. Just nibble any pointed bits to round off.

4. The last two cuts are toward the centre of the bottom of the petal to get the final petal shape. Nibble away until you get the desired shape.

5. Cut a total of six petals for the daisy as shown in the photo.

6. The green leaf may be cut exactly the same as the petal with one final cut up the middle of the petal shape to create two leaves.

TIP: Placement may be as per picture or placing two petals opposite the next daisy.

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