Protect onlookers

Glass shards can fly great distances. If other people are around while you're cutting please ensure they have safety glasses and closed in shoes.

Protect yourself and your health

When cutting glass or ceramics always wear protective gloves, closed in shoes, safety glasses and breathing apparatus. Dust particles can be too small to see but can get into your lungs easily. 

Read instructions and safety data sheets

Always read the instructions before using any adhesives, grouts, grout additives, sealers etc. They can be quite toxic. You need to protect your health at all times. Work in an open airy space, not a closed in small room with all doors and windows closed.

Check dates and store products safely

Ensure you check the date on adhesives, grout, grout additives, sealers, etc. 

Store your products in a safe area at the correct temperatures and label each item with the use by date. Keep any information sheets with the products.


Keep your workspace clean. Sweep up regularly (floor and workbench). I keep a dustpan close by and sweep up my work area regularly when working with glass and ceramic. This stops you getting small shards in your arms.

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