Bulk pack - 56

1cm thick
1cm thick

Great value glossy Italian vintage tiles! ATT: If you buy a bulk pack you cannot purchase other products or more than 1 bulk pack in the same order. These tiles are pre-packed and weigh around 9.5kg's If you would like to order other products or more than 1 bulk pack you will need to do them in a seperate order. Contact me if you need more information. These bulk packs are 1 colour and contain 56 tiles @.45c each. General postage charges: WA- $48.50 VIC- $28.75 TAS- $40.25 SA- $31. NT- $53. QLD- $31.50


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I received these beautiful Italian tiles at a highly reduced price and would like to pass the savings onto you.

All tiles listed here are glossy and hard wearing, perfect for indoor or outdoor mosaics.

The Random Mix pack will have a mix of the current tiles I have on hand.

These tiles are hard to cut with nippers. I recommend using a wet saw or hammer to cut them.


Made in Italy.