Shaun Mesh


These tiles are part of 19 Mosaics stunning range for good reason. Shaun Mesh is a mint green iridescent tile with a mesh backing.


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The 19 Mosaics brand of Vitreous glass tile is colourfast, UV resistant, durable, water proof and economical. These tiles are mint green and iridescent and would enhance any mosaic design.

With a smooth edge and top they are the perfect medium for any mosaic. We have a large range of colours available at a competitive price. They are easy to cut and shape or use as is. Suitable for indoor and outdoor projects and will not fade.

Mesh Backing - These tiles have a mesh backing. You can leave the mesh on and mosaic or peel the tiles off the mesh.

Cutting - wheeled nippers are recommended to cut vitreous glass tiles. Regular tile nippers tend to crush the glass.

Approx. Size
20 x 20mm
Approx. thickness
Approx. weight - 50pk
Approx. weight - 225pk