Scrape Poke & Move tools

Set of 3
Set of 3
Set of 3

Stop damaging your fingernails and use these! Great for cleaning up before and after grouting. I use them to scrape out grout and glue, move small pieces of tesserae around, cut dried glue and much more!


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Other uses:

Push glue from between tesserae

Scrape glue from the top of your tess

Pry out any unwanted pieces of tess 

Remove excess grout from pitted tiles or from in-between tiles

Customer Review - Hi recently received the mosaic (Scrape, Poke & Move) tools & have to say 'thank you'. I suffer with arthritis in my fingers & have found using tweezers difficult to grip. The tools that I ordered have a wooden handle which is much easier to grip & I have more control. I would recommend these tools to anyone that has problems with arthritis in your fingers. Thank you. Cheers Jill - Art Beat

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