Vintage Italian

Single purchase or bulk buys available. BULK PACKS are half price for per tile. Bulk packs MUST be purchased in a single order!! 1 Bulk pack per order. The bulk packs are pre-packed so no other products can be added to bulk pack orders. If you order other products with a bulk pack or more than 1 bulk pack in an order I will invoice you for the extra postage or you can ask for a refund. Depending on where you live the bulk packs may also be cheaper if you only order 1 per order. These tiles are over 30 years old. They will come as is. I will do my best to pack them tightly and ensure no broken or chipped tiles are packed. I also will use minimum packaging to keep postage costs down, which does mean some could arrived chipped or cracked. Contact me if you require further more information. 10x10cm tiles Lots of colours