1/8" Diamond Grinder Bit

1 x 1/8" Grinder bit with Allen key These bits do not funnel the water up the bit. When in use, keep the tile (ceramic, crockery etc.) wet at all times. If using ceramic you can soak the pieces you are grinding in water beforehand, then dip your piece regularly during grinding. They are for intricate work and should never be used dry.


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1/8" Copper Helix bit

To install , consult with the owners manual for your grinder.

Lubricate the bit before putting it on the shaft. If the Grinder is idle for more than a week remove the grinder bit, this will ensure the bit from fusing to the shaft. It will also give you the opportunity to inspect the shaft and bits and apply lubricant regularly.

You can use Vaseline as a lubricant.

Always wear safety glasses when in use or changing bit. 

Keep away from children.