19M Grozing Pliers

I have worked on creating my own brand of beginner tools for a long time and here they are!


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The decision on which tools to buy when starting to mosaic can be daunting for beginners. 19 Mosaics own brand of tools are affordable and built to last, making it easy for you to have a go at different tools and test them on different tiles. Have fun and learn more before deciding if you wish to progress to purchasing premium tools.

  • Ergonomic and durable
  • Break and finish glass in a controlled manner
  • A must in everyones Mosaic glass tool box
  • Use the Flat Jaw to break (grip and pull straight out) out scores and the Curved Jaw for grozing flares, nibs and small pieces from the glass edge
  • Flat Jaw on top for to pull out scores, Curved Jaw on top to remove unwanted points. A gentle upward rolling scrapes the glass edge against the serrated teeth and removes unwanted glass flares. This removal process is known as grozing
  • The tips of these pliers can also be used in a chewing motion to remove small sections of glass or nibble out deep inside curves.

Protective eye wear must be worn at all times during use.