Max Pro Compound Cutter

"Max Pro Compound" with a side pocket that includes: - brown suede case - extra pair of tungsten carbide blades - an Allen key


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There is a push button, when you push and turn the button it opens to 15 mm, which is good for thicker glass, ceramic & granite porcelain tiles and stones.

Very easy to handle, to cut and very light tool.


  • The ultimate tool designed by Mosaic artist Sibel Roni Hananel.
  • For Ceramic, Porcelain, Mosaic and Glass.
  • Cut from 3 to 8 or 9mm glass, ceramic & granite porcelain tiles, natural and artificial stones.
  • Lightweight and easy to use and handle.
  • Special Hard Precision steel body.
  • Replaceable 16mm Tungsten Carbide blades, Straight and Curved.
  • Power Spring with shock Absorber cap.
  • Light Weight and Durable Aluminium Alloy Body.
  • 3 Positions Tile Thickness Lock Lever
  • Adjustable Depth Guide and Free Rotatable cutting Wheels .
  • Allen key included.
  • Power Spring and comfortable power handle Grips.

You can see a video of the straight and curved blades in action here 

Obviously the straight blades are used on the edge of a tile for straight cuts and the curved blades are used in the middle of a tile for a curved cut. If you want to cut circles the curved blades are the way to go.

Spare curved and straight blades are available here