These tiles are part of 19 Mosaics super range. Each pack contains a whopping 80 tiles! Super Jayden is a deep green tile with a pitted top.


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The 19 Mosaics brand of Vitreous glass tile is colourfast, UV resistant, durable, water proof and economical. 

With a smooth edge and pitted top they are the perfect medium for any mosaic. We have a large range of colours available at a competitive price. They are easy to cut and shape or use as is. Suitable for indoor and outdoor projects and will not fade.

Paper backing - our glass tiles come on a paper backing to ensure a quality product. To remove tiles from paper backing soak in water for 5-10 minutes, tiles will slide off backing. Dry and use. 

Cutting - wheeled nippers are recommended to cut vitreous glass tiles. Regular tile nippers tend to crush the glass.

For a fabulous video on how to cut these (and more great tips) go to 'Sonja at Dragonfly Mosaics' on Facebook here.

Approx. Size
Approx. thickness
Approx. weight - 80pk