I mail all orders using Australia Post. Once your order had been processed you will receive an email from Australia Post with your tracking number. Check your spam or trash folder if you have not received an email within a day or two of ordering. If you have checked and still have no email contact me and I will give you your tracking number. You can track your order here.

Alternatively you can download the Australia Post app. The app will automatically send you details of your order and the estimated day of delivery.

All orders are processed and mailed within 2 business days where possible.

If you would like to change anything or add to your order please contact me quickly. Once your order has been wrapped ready to send no more products can be added.
You can pay on my website using the following:
  • bank transfer
  • PayPal
  • Credit Card
You can pay in store by using cash or EFTPOS.
Under the menu bar on the left hand side of the page is a small figure as shown by the red arrow below. If you click this figure it will take you to your 'Client Zone'. In the Client Zone you can add all of your postal details, see your past orders and more. If you choose to use the client zone you will not have to add your name, address, etc. each time you make an order.
This can happen from time to time. If I am low on stock and customers buy products from my physical store the product can still show as in stock online. If this happens I will contact you and ask you if you would like a credit, refund or if you would like to swap the product for another product of the same value.
The Client Zone is for you. You can use it to log into 19 Mosaics, edit and add multiple addresses and use them when making orders, add you personal details and keep track of your orders.
While looking at my products you may want to create a wish list for future orders. You can click on the heart on the top right of the product shown below.

Or you can click on the product and click the heart next to the 'Add to cart' button.

To view your wish list just click on the heart under the menu on the left hand side of the page.
Yes. Just make a list of the products you would like and give me a call to arrange payment. I will create an invoice for you. The invoice will be emailed to you. You can then pay the invoice on the email by credit card, bank transfer, PayPal or give your credit card details over the phone.
Yes. Just contact me with your order details and I will send you an invoice with the payment details.
Yes you can. Just contact me before ordering to arrange Express.

If you would like to order a gift card click here 
You can choose the amount you would like for yourself or someone else. The link will take you to a new page.

To redeem the card you can send me a list of your items and I can send you an invoice. You can then pay the invoice with the gift card or I can set up the card details on my website using your gift card details (email, name etc.) and you redeem the card by putting the coupon code in at the end of your purchase.
Yes. I can't guarantee I will be able to source the item but I will try. Some items are hard to get at the moment due to Covid.
In some cases yes. If I have some on order I am happy to hold the product on arrival and let you know when it arrives. Because I am a small business with limited space I can't hold an order forever. If I have not heard from you for several weeks the product will be placed back online and/or in my physical store.

If I am unsure (due to Covid or other reasons) that the product may not be available I will let you know on request.
Tamworth NSW Australia
My online store is always open.

You can call me on 0413 468 062 during business hours, send me a text anytime, or send me a Messenger message via Facebook anytime. I will answer your message as soon as possible.

My physical business is open by request. You can also order online if preferable and organise a pick-up time.

I run 19 Mosaics by myself. Sometimes I am with a customer in my store, driving, etc. at the time of the call. You can leave me a message and I will call you back as soon as possible.
You may prefer to:
  • leave a message on my website  
  • send me an email
  • contact me via Facebook or Instagram.

19 Mosaics loves to hear what you have to say.To leave a review go to the product you would like to review. Click on 'Add review'
You will be asked to give an overall review (from 1 to 5 stars). There is also a text box so you can add free text regarding what what you like or dislike about the product, what you used it for etc.You are also asked to add your name and email address. Your email address will not be published on the website.

You can also leave feedback on my Facebook page.

Please be kind. If you are unhappy with a product contact me directly so I can resolve the issue.
Yes I am the owner of 19 Mosaics. I currently have no employees. If you call you will speak with me.
Cheryl Hardwick
19 Mosaics was born in 2019
I will always reply within a few days (usually the same day). Sometimes when I send a reply it goes to my customers 'Junk Mail' folder. After you have sent me a message please check your junk mail later that day or the next day, you may find my reply in there.
If you can't find my reply please phone or text me.
Contact 19 Mosaics, show your card (in person or send a picture), 19 Mosaics will then send you a coupon code to be used when making a purchase.