19 Mosaics - Nominations and sponsorship

A big thank you to all my customers who voted for me. I appreciate it.

19 Mosaics is a proud sponsor of the Backtrack program. If you would like to make a donation click here or if you would like to learn more about BackTrack click here.

BackTrack enables young people who have lost their way to reconnect with education and training, become work ready and secure meaningful employment. Most importantly they get young people ‘back on track’ by developing strong, happy & healthy foundations that result in positive life pathways and full participation in their communities.

The majority of the kids they work with are aged between 12 and 19 years of age. They have multiple and complex life challenges and, before BackTrack steps in, are falling through the cracks of society.

By acknowledging their vulnerability and meeting their complex needs, BackTrack helps them overcome their challenges and learn how to chase their hopes and dreams.

As these young people become more resilient, so do the communities they live in. You can learn more about

BackTrack has 3 jobs
  • keeping kids alive
  • keeping kids out of jail, and
  • helping them chase their hopes and dreams